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America, Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

America, Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution

– Thomas Jefferson, Third President of the USA

Fellow People:

The American Experiment

Whereas listening to the discussion by our Representatives concerning the border, I’m confused!

Why don’t these individuals see what I see, what you see! A continuing circulate of unskilled individuals places an enormous burden on daily People. Then I noticed they don’t care. They have 3 objectives: MONEY, POWER, CONTROL. They want all of it. They want America gone and have put the insurance policies in place to make that occur. The remaining is only a means to their finish. They’ll comply with any policy, say any lie to realize their objective to cut America to measurement and rework evil America into a 3rd world nation. You must know:

  • Every thing is related
  • Nothing is random
  • There are not any coincidences
  • Every thing has a plan
  • All plans are based mostly on lies

I understand these Legislators (and I exploit that time period loosely), have NO IDEA about what is IN the Structure. In the event that they did, they might know that the States are empowered to handle Immigration points, NOT THE FEDS. Initially immigrants got here with sponsors, jobs and have been devoted to learning English and the American lifestyle. New immigrants have been members and became belongings not takers who grow to be liabilities. The aim of this mass migration is to overwhelm American entitlements and turn America into a debtor nation.

Not too way back, immigration ran very easily in America…until the Democrats felt they might improve their VOTER BASE, by exploiting American’s goodness of permitting immigrants to return to America and take part in our political course of while getting Entitlements.

Therefore, we at the moment are broke. Too much outgo in entitlements, not enough revenue tax revenue coming in.

People have been duped. Reagan was DUPED! He like Trump, had a Congress working towards him and he was coerced into passing “Complete Immigration” without closing the Borders, and from then on… America has been in a Downward Spiral.

Concurrently, Tip O’Neill, then Liberal Speaker of the Home, facilitated getting the Structure and Civics – REMOVED FROM SCHOOL STUDY PROGRAMS.

How can America turn out to be the good melting pot when assimilation had street blocks and Constitution and Civics usually are not discovered? When somebody says America is manufactured from immigrants, they make America great. We should add that is because we assimilated individuals into our tradition. We did not promote their flag first, we demanded America first. We never denied including new cultures but the concept was to adopt America after which participate within the freedoms and alternatives America gives.

Once I went to high school within the 50-60’s, in grades Three-5 we studied the Constitution and Civics. Each scholar might recite key passages of the Bill of Rights, the Structure, knew all the Presidents and could talk about and debate on the planet of politics. Now, students do not know who’s the Vice President not to mention know their rights.

Immediately most people have no idea we rejoice the 4th of July, and assume our founders have been evil white privileged men who had slaves. Once I taught history, we discovered all concerning the 1700’s and the way onerous dwelling was at that time. Can’t you see the snowflakes hailing a horse and buggy within the snow, going to the outhouse, carrying water or firewood to the home? Where is my UBER they might scream? They don’t perceive that slavery was around for centuries. Each time a country was conquered the losers turned slaves.

They do not know or care that People have been the only country that fought a struggle to make slavery illegal. Or that America obtained solely 9% of the worldwide slaves, or that the primary slave proprietor was black and his slave was white. They have no idea that the leaders of the pro-slavery motion have been the DEMOCRATS and the KKK was the militant arm of the DEMOCRATS. They do not know that the Muslims conquered entire African tribes and bought them into slavery. The Muslims have been the slave traders of document.

Right now, faculty subjects are changed with social feel-good packages, producing generations of leaders who know completely nothing about how this authorities works! Sadly, by their actions – most do not even care. The sport of politics has turn out to be nothing greater than a club designed to screw these not favored or involved. When you disagree, they’ve an inventory of names to name you for you’re really evil.

What higher factor to do than train the scholars that the Constitution is a dwelling, respiration doc topic to vary at the whim of a politician or justice? Take into consideration that for a minute. America is a Nation of Legal guidelines that ALL People should comply with. In accordance with our Constitution, People are ALL EQUAL underneath the regulation. This is opposite of the Democrat/Globalist agenda and narrative. They will’t train the wonders of a document that calls for all are equal, it doesn’t match their narrative. You’ll be able to’t scream for equal justice if all are equal beneath the regulation.

Democrat/Globalists not often have something to say if an individual is harmed until that particular person has standing in a gaggle. Individuals then are pressured into a gaggle to be observed. Individuals haven’t any decisions besides that which the government offers. The federal government offers the alternatives by multiple selection questions. Then you definitely get to decide on certainly one of their decisions. This is a part of a way referred to as the Delphi Method, developed by the Rand Corporation, a way used to control the public. Guess you thought they have been the great guys. When you step out of line you get bullied.

Reinforcement of their agenda is faculty, media and Hollywood. I am all the time asked why doesn’t the media inform the reality. There isn’t a fact except what the Democrat/Globalists need it to be that day. That is coming straight from the top of the media firm. Speaking points are delivered every day and there’s to be NO DEVIATION.  You possibly can study man’s destruction of the earth, evil gasoline, the evil white supremacist who also carries a gun, Glorified drug lords, the victim abused illegal aliens and and so forth are interwoven into virtually each TV program plot. Individuals may be judged by in the present day’s requirements for yesterdays deeds as a result of there isn’t any historical past before 2008. Did you know that beneficial studying listing underneath Communist Core has little or no titles dated before 2010?

Democrat/Globalists preach and train case regulation so the regulation could be totally different, for different teams beneath their declare for variety. The US Structure is our rule e-book, our contract with our authorities. Educating that the structure and legal guidelines are totally different for various groups and people can be like enjoying soccer with each participant having a special play ebook. How are you going to win when you don’t know the principles?

The Constitution works the identical. How are you going to shield Liberty and Freedom – when you’ve got no concept the place YOUR RIGHTS come from? Or in case you assume that your pores and skin shade or ethnic group dictates the legal guidelines applied to you?

The American Experiment was to guarantee every particular person the power to Self-Govern. However, this solely works if every particular person might learn, write, do math – and understand their rights are granted by God – and the legal guidelines they need to comply with apply the same to everybody.

If you change any part of that primary plan, you’re DOOMED TO FAIL!

The Democrats/Globalists discovered if they fill America with newbees who perceive nothing they usually train them nothing, newbees will rely on the Democrat/Globalists for answers. As soon as the Democrats/Globalists control the faculties newbees get enough propaganda and lies insuring newbees will vote Democrats/Globalists into workplace, because the Democrats/Globalists inform them what to do. ‘I discovered it in class, or my instructor advised me to…” Educating what to assume, not the right way to assume is now the purpose of a great schooling.”

The Structure is CLEAR!

The President has LIMITED POWERS ON PURPOSE, to ensure he can’t develop into:

Dictator, Emperor, King, or Tyrant!

His solely actual job is to protect People towards Invaders and comply with the Structure…If POTUS fails, POTUS is adding to the destruction of America. When POTUS does NEITHER on objective, is this not… TREASON?

Originally, when an immigrant needed to return to the US, that they had a job supply and a SPONSOR. Then they solicited the state the place they needed to stay. They agreed to pay the fees to the state, for his or her AMERICAN schooling and to study ENGLISH, the language of America and enterprise. Immigrants have been NEVER MEANT to switch People, get choice in jobs ahead of People, nor have been they ever to steal our assets, our nation and our lives! Democrats/Globalists changed that.

Keep in mind when Obama Bribed US Corporations to Break the Regulation Gives $3,000 to Rent Illegals as an alternative of People?

Where was Congress? Whose cash did Obama use? Our taxpayer dollars have been use for our own demise. Obama put America over $7 trillion in debt.

It’s all concerning the cash. There’s some huge cash pushing unlawful immigrants and refugees Who advantages? Principally NGO’s and non-profits are the recipient of large funding. They get an enormous stipend per head to – deal with the immigrants and refugees. Taking good care of means making sure every immigrant will get all of their state and federal entitlements. Once set, the NGO’s and Non-Income step apart but still hold their stipend while the taxpayer continues to pay and pay.

Immigrants, legal and illegal are NOT entitled to something!

So I ask my Legislators, when you actually need to cease Unlawful Immigration – and control the Debt, why not stop unconstitutional entitlements to illegals, and simply comply with the Structure? Sadly that isn’t their objective.  Their aim is to show America right into a debtor nation. Discover how the Democrat/Globalists never speak concerning the good Trump financial system with less unemployment in all minority sectors. They will’t because their narrative preaches all sectors are victims and unemployed.

Make no mistake the illegals are organized, have loads of funding by Democrat /Globalists to proceed to overwhelm America. Trump stated America is closed we’ve no more to provide. We’ve got no more to provide. Will that stop something? I doubt it. Obama put EO’s in place to guarantee a continued stream. American taxpayer dollars have been used to market find out how to get to America and apply for entitlements. The UN uses American donations to screw America. Why are we nonetheless paying for this communist group?

Obama changed a procedure that asylum seekers should ask for asylum of their house nation at the American Embassy, to purposes at the moment are dealt with in America. Trump is making an attempt to undo past insurance policies however will probably be tied in courtroom regardless that district courts haven’t any right to make coverage overlaying the nation.

The other day, I used to be talking to a man on line in a store. He informed me that his grandkids just graduated center and HS. He can not speak to him for they assume he’s old skool and is aware of nothing. They advised him he is a polluter and destroying the earth. He stated all of them acquired trophies however neither can learn write or do basic math. I requested him if he felt America was value saving. What he was doing about it? His answer was, but I’m just one individual what can I do? We now have discovered too nicely that our vote doesn’t rely, we have to be the silent majority, the federal government is aware of greatest. How flawed we are. 

Is America Value Saving?

Only you’ll be able to reply that question. What are you going to do about it? Last Monday I spoke to a gaggle of extremely motivated women on the Republican Ladies’s Political Community. They acquired it immediately and volunteered to read textbooks, unfold the phrase, be a part of the Florida Citizen’s Alliance, and donate. Pay attention and Read America Out Loud. Decide your passion, you are the skilled. Develop into a fact warrior and put your legislators on velocity dial. Take heed to what they are saying and proper them.

Doing nothing will get nothing.
Are you a victim or a patriot?
You’ll be able to’t be each.