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How to Take Care of Lash Extensions

How to Take Care of Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are undoubtedly having a moment. Everyone both has them or they’re enthusiastic about getting them, and why not?

They make anyone look glamorous 24/7, and they are relatively low-maintenance, particularly compared to every day make-up and false lashes.

However that doesn’t imply you don’t have to deal with them. Here is how you ought to be caring on your extensions, in order that they final as long as attainable and look nice for so long as potential. 

Don’t wet your lashes for the primary 24 hours

Let’s start with what you do immediately after getting your extensions. You’ve gotten them applied, walk out of the salon…and check out your hardest to not get them moist for the primary 24 hours.

Yes, which will mean not showering or washing your face. The rationale for that is that the glue continues to be setting, and your lashes are still fragile, so having water on them may loosen the glue or cause the extensions to develop into misshapen. 

These first 24 hours are crucial, so be certain that to baby them as a lot as attainable during this time.

It might be a disgrace in your brand new (costly!) lashes to get damaged because of something as foolish as a second where you forgot concerning the care instructions. Just hold yourself dry, and you need to be high-quality!

Keep away from moisture for the first 48 hours

Okay, let’s say you’ve efficiently survived the primary 24 hours, you haven’t moist them in any respect, they usually nonetheless look bangin’. Good job!

Now, for an additional 24 hours, you also needs to avoid moisture, generally. What we imply by that’s that it is best to press the pause button on the swimming, steam rooms, or potential frolics in the rain.

That a lot moisture isn’t good for them, a minimum of not at this stage, so it’s greatest to remain dry for just a little bit longer. A quick shower is ok; a full-on sauna is just not. 

Brush your eyelash extensions day by day

An important upkeep tip that you’ll have to keep in mind and do every single day is brushing your eyelash extensions.

You see, your extensions can easily get tangled (particularly in your sleep, and especially in case you sleep on your aspect or in your stomach) or misshapen, so it is as much as you to make it possible for they preserve their shape and look as nice as they will.

Not brushing them can lead to them getting tangled, bent, sticking collectively, and so forth. No one wants that.

The only factor it’s worthwhile to do is just get a clean spoolie (you should use one from an previous mascara, after you’ve cleaned it, you should purchase a pack in bulk on Amazon, and even decide up a few of the free ones at Sephora – they don’t thoughts!) and brush by way of your lashes a couple of occasions day by day as a way to maintain them detangled and ensure they’re pointing the fitting method.

It’s straightforward for them to get misshapen, otherwise. 

Don’t rub, scrub, or pull at your eyes

One of many essential tricks to keep in mind once you’ve received lash extensions is that it is best to keep away from rubbing your eyes.

That features pulling at your eyes (you already know, whenever you’re doing all of your makeup), scratching, scrubbing whenever you take your make-up off, rubbing your eyes since you’re drained or as a result of they itch, and so forth.

Principally, you need to touch your eyes and your lashes as little as potential and as gently as potential. 

That’s because any harsh movement in this area will both pull your lashes out, loosen the glue, or will lead to the lashes being misshapen not directly.

You pay a reasonably penny for these infants, so hopefully you’ll maintain them wanting nice for so long as potential, so it is best to shield them as much as you possibly can. 

Don’t put on waterproof eye products, especially mascara

We’re massive fans of waterproof products when applicable (weddings, unhappy films, lengthy days, sweaty days, and so on.), however they can be very harsh in your lashes, in a variety of methods.

Even when you have pure lashes, waterproof merchandise can weaken and dehydrate your lashes, and you may end up pulling them out if you take your make-up off as a result of the product is so stubborn. 

Once you’ve acquired extensions, they’re much more fragile and more weak to the issues waterproof products can create.

The most important drawback is the problem you expertise with removing, because taking waterproof mascara and eyeliner off can involve some aggressive scrubbing and oil products.

Each of this stuff must be prevented at all prices with extensions, so skip the waterproof variations whenever you’re shopping for your eye merchandise. 

Only use oil-free eye products

Do you know that it is advisable to keep away from oils of all types when you’ve gotten lash extensions? It’s one of many massive care ideas you receive once you get them achieved.

The rationale for that’s that oils can loosen the glue used to repair the extensions, and that doesn’t solely go for making use of precise oil to your lashes.

Numerous eye merchandise (including mascaras and eyeliners) include all types of oils that assist with the fluidity of the product, however that may mean demise on your eyelash extensions.

That signifies that you just must be a bit of extra cautious about ingredient lists and ensure that your whole eye merchandise are extension-friendly.

Right here’s our little listing of extension-approved eye merchandise so that you don’t need to spend 3 hours in Target reading mascara tubes:

Don’t use oil-based or harsh makeup removers

Taking your make-up off could be one of the crucial weak moments in your lash extensions, since you’re pulling and scrubbing to get the product off, but you also should be careful about what kind of remover you employ.

The perfect eyelash extension cleanser goes to be a mild, oil free choice.

best cleanser to use with lash extensions

Super harsh components don’t do your lashes any good anyway, because they’ll dehydrate the lashes, however you additionally should be careful about oils.

Child oil, coconut oil, and anything like that makes nice makeup remover (particularly for waterproof merchandise) once you’re NOT sporting extensions.

You’ll also need to avoid these biphasic removers that include two separated liquids that you simply shake together. 

Be mild through the removing course of

The removing course of ought to be as mild as attainable. We’ve already coated that you simply shouldn’t tug and scrub, and pull, so let’s see what you need to be doing as an alternative.

Probably the most mild and only makeup remover you need to use is micellar water, so make certain to soak your cotton pad or a cotton bud in it.

You’ll be able to undoubtedly use a cotton pad to break down the product on the lid, and we advocate using a cotton bud for detail work, like getting off eyeliner or something close to your lash line. 

Don’t use lash curlers on your extensions

Numerous ladies who get lash extensions might make the error of considering that they will use their lash curlers as typical.

However that might be a huge no-no.

You see, if you need a stronger curl, that’s something it is best to talk about together with your technician once you’re getting your extensions finished. Sometimes, they gained’t fall considerably over the course of you sporting them. 

Nevertheless, if you would like extra carry and are serious about curling your lash extensions, utilizing the basic lash curlers isn’t the proper selection, because fact be informed, they can be very exhausting on the lashes, and it’s method too straightforward to by accident rip the extensions out.

In the event you must curl them, a really mild use of a heated lash curler is usually a better answer, as long as you don’t get close to the basis, the place the glue is.

Keep in mind that the extensions are far more weak than the natural lashes. 

Don’t tint or perm your extensions

Identical to with the mechanical curlers, applying any type of remedy in your extensions shouldn’t be one thing you must do, if you wish to correctly care for your lashes and maintain them wanting beautiful for so long as potential.

There are issues you are able to do to your natural lashes – options to extensions – resembling tinting and perming them.

Nevertheless, while the result’s definitely lovely, it is a chemical course of (especially the perming answer), that should by no means be used on extensions. 

Hopefully, no technician will comply with carry out any of these remedies in your extensions, however it’s as much as you to keep in mind that they don’t seem to be at all good on your extensions. 

Know tips on how to take away your extensions at residence

This goes for the great of your pure lashes, as properly – please do not attempt to remove your lash extensions at house until you understand how to do that without damaging them.

After a number of weeks, a few of your extensions may have fallen and also you’ll be left with gaps and wonky lashes. We’re not gonna lie, they gained’t look their greatest.

But at that point, you either should go in and get them crammed in, await all of them to finish their progress cycle and fall off on their own, or go in to get them removed professionally. 

We will see how it could also be tempting to only pluck them out your self: they’re not wanting great, it seems faster and easier, and you don’t should pay for it.

But pulling them out at house can mean damaging your actual lashes, and abandoning glue on the root, which may create issues further down the road.

So don’t pull or pluck to remove those lashes – both get them removed professionally or get yourself a very good lash glue remover so you will get them off gently, with minimal injury to your pure lashes.

Don’t attempt to glue your extensions back on at residence

At occasions through the weeks you’ve received your extensions on, chances are you’ll notice them falling out. That is utterly regular, as your extensions are glued onto your real lashes, which grow out and fall out naturally, taking the extensions with them.

So, you’ll discover them on the aspect of your sink, sometimes, for example. Do you have to just go get your pretend lash glue and try to put them again on to get probably the most out of your extensions? 

Completely not! Extensions are applied with a particular sort of glue and using a special method.

Gluing them back on with common previous lash glue cannot solely injury the extensions and your personal lashes, but you’re risking affecting your eyes. 

Go in for a refill each 2 to 3 weeks

Lastly, as a way to hold your lashes in tip-top shape, they must be crammed in recurrently, so that you’ve acquired a full set of beautiful lashes always.

In case you allow them to fall out without getting them put back in, they could end up wanting scraggly and never as good as they as soon as have been.

Keep in mind that to take care of this look, you want to not only keep them at residence, however it’s a must to go back and get them finished each 2 to three or 4 weeks, relying in your pure lash cycle and how properly you deal with them. 

In conclusion, eyelash extensions can look unimaginable and for a long time, as long as you take care of them properly and do the minimal upkeep they require. Comply with the lash extension care ideas above they usually’ll be good for ages.