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Identifying the Vaccinology-Illiterate Among Us

Identifying the Vaccinology-Illiterate Among Us

In his iconic anthem “The Occasions They Are A-Changin’” (1962), Minnesota’s Bob Dylan immortalized the completely logical crucial (“don’t criticize”) that admonishes those that need to categorical their thoughts about a problem to keep their mouths shut till they have achieved the thorough analysis into the obtainable unbiased science or history which may clarify what their stance ought to be earlier than they spout off or blog about it or vote for some politician who has spouted off on issues he doesn’t understand. (By unbiased I imply that the science and history has not been influenced or re-written by some profiteering corporation or by these which are beneath the influence of these firms.)

This essay is just partially concerning the highly-profitable over-vaccination campaigns carried out by Massive Pharma and Massive Drugs which are highly promoted by the “vaccinology-illiterate”. Sadly most of these illiterates don’t understand that they aren’t even near understanding the totality of the actual science that they are criticizing.

In reality there are very few scientists on the planet that really understand the whole thing of what might be recognized about vaccinology – and I admit that I am not considered one of them. But I’ve spent a whole lot of hours studying and learning many books on vaccinology (lots of which are in my personal library). I have also studied a whole lot of the journal articles and testimony of many vaccinology specialists, and I also know that the so-called investigative journalists and trolls which are writing concerning the topic are literally illiterate about actual vaccine science. Within the means of criticizing what they don’t perceive (and accusing those critical researchers who perceive much more than they do) they are embarrassingly exposing their ignorance.

The topic of tips on how to acknowledge a vaccinology illiterate particular person would take a book-length treatise, however listed here are a small handful of tip-offs:

1) “Vaccinology illiterates” by no means mention the fact that vaccine manufacturers, in their medical trials that they’re obligated to do earlier than making use of for FDA approval, by no means do any testing on the security or efficacy of their new vaccines when they are intramuscularly injected simultaneously with different vaccines(!);

2) When company “vaccinology illiterates” need to stir up the demand for more over-vaccination efforts, they repeatedly and endlessly have their equally vaccinology-illiterate journalist colleagues write concerning the latest viral an infection outbreak (the one in New York only amounted to 900+ individuals out of a population of 302,000,000 over a period of 6 months!), and never point out that most of the victims had already been absolutely vaccinated;

3) Vaccine illiterate journalists and trolls never take heed to or interview the mother and father of the hundreds of youngsters which were vaccine-injured, vaccine-killed or have been troubled with vaccine-induced autoimmune issues;

4) Vaccine illiterate journalists, editors and publishers by no means interview the actual unbiased vaccinology specialists for their radio or tv exhibits (verify the newest hit piece from the BBC’s Claudia Hammond (with anthropologist(!) Heidi Larson who has been hired by Wellcome Belief [whichwasacquiredbyvaccinemakerGSKyearsago)tostarttheVaccineConfidenceProjectinEnglandCanyouguesswhatthesubjectmatterwillbe?Thehitpiececanbefoundhere

Notice that every individual in that piece that was invited to be interviewed was a vaccine illiterate individual (apart from the discredited multimillionaire pediatrician Paul Offit who has terminal conflicts of curiosity solely partly as a result of he made his hundreds of thousands by patenting and licensing (to a serious vaccine company) his personal rotavirus vaccine. (Wellcome Trust, by the best way, is presently collaborating with vaccine-maker Merck on a joint venture deal in an Indian vaccine manufacturing undertaking.)

5) To back up their opinions and bloggings on the security or efficacy of vaccines, vaccine illiterates naively (or intentionally) use discredited sources of data which are provided by profiteering company entities, paid-off government businesses or medical lobbying groups just like the American Academy of Pediatrics that have critical conflicts of curiosity that they struggle exhausting to hide.

6) Vaccine illiterates never level out the next over-vaccination schedule for American youngsters for 2019 that some vaccinology literate scientists undertaking will cause a 50% incidence of autism spectrum issues in American boys in just some many years, that is, until the as soon as sacred Hippocratic Oath, the Precautionary Precept and the principle of Absolutely Knowledgeable Consent is by some means resurrected after which utilized by the pediatric and medical communities;

7) and so on, and so on, and so forth. More on the vaccinology-illiterate later in this essay.

Research this chart and understand that there are toxins in each of them, a few of which have synergistic antagonistic effects.

Under is a short listing of untrustworthy company influences that have progressively acquired virtually complete control over the general public conversations in regards to the endlessly growing number of neurotoxin-containing and auto-immunity-inducing vaccines. Sadly, the various internet trolls make gleeful use of the skewed disinformation from these sources (the various internet trolls usually are not listed, they will often be found on the very prime of Google’s lists):

1) profiteering firms (like the lots of of Massive Pharma and Huge Vaccine corporations similar to Merck, Lilly, Pfizer, AbbVie, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson and Johnson, Sanofi, to name just some);

2) co-opted, non-elected, governmental oversight businesses that happily take monumental amounts of cash from profiteering firms that the businesses naively deny impacts their decision-making (Ex: CDC, FDA, NIH, NIMH, NIST, and so on, and so on);

three) profit-minded and professional career-protecting medical lobbying teams that attempt to deflect any and all evidence of the present iatrogenic disease epidemic (even beyond the over-vaccination epidemic) that is occurring throughout us (Ex: AMA, AAFP, AAP, APA, and so forth, and so forth);

4) the Huge Pharma-/Massive Vaccine-influenced mainstream media that takes 70% of its revenues from Huge Pharma’s profiteers (thus self-silencing themselves when their investigative journalists must be doing deep explorations and revealing essential, unwelcome truths about our typically corruptible nation’s corporate and governmental leaders [like Watergate and the Pentagon Papers, for example]);

5) the various “charitable” foundations shaped by billionaire buyers or their households who type of just like the tax exemptions (Ex: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust, the Sackler Household Basis [of Purdue Pharma/OxyContin infamy]and so on, These non-profit foundations certainly own shares in pharmaceutical and vaccine firms; and

6) assorted hedge fund managers and Wall Road investment companies that don’t really care concerning the corrupted, unethical, short-term, medical trials that Massive Pharma uses to so idiot the (Huge Pharma-infiltrated) FDA into approving its potential block-buster products without any concern for the long-term opposed penalties of their investment selections.

In the case of the exceedingly complicated science (and history) of vaccinology, very few laypeople (and only a few physicians, nurse practitioners or nurses) have achieved the work, partly as a result of they have not been able to find the tons of of hours that it will take to even scratch the floor of the actual science. Physicians are hopelessly over-booked and in addition heavily influenced by the propaganda groups listed above. In addition to, unbiased vaccinology is NEVER taught in medical faculty.

Firms Now Rule the World

Hearing all sides of a problem is particularly troublesome within the new world order the place powerful multinational firms rule the financial system, overseas and domestic politics and commerce.

On this corrupted finance-controlled world that’s ruled by Wall Road and Struggle Road, pharmaceutical industry stocks are highly prized by buyers, hedge fund managers, so-called “charitable” foundations and medical/hospital firms that use their extra cash for cross-investing in other worthwhile industries.

Multinational firms even regard as essential what’s written about or learn by the citizenry. Subsequently, they’ve the money to rent full-time talking heads, full-time public relations individuals, affect media personalities by closely advertising on ALL main media retailers, thus making certain – each instantly and indirectly – that no unfavorable info will get out concerning the downsides of their investment endeavors. Huge Pharma has even stooped so low as to subsidize the running a blog of abusive and libelous full-time internet trolls.

Wanting again in historical past, there are lots of examples of “paid trolls” from the previous. Included are the trolling attempts to deflect the truths and demonize the multitudes of American patriots that knew that the Deep State (CIA/FBI/Pentagon/”Economic Hit Men”/Spy/Spooks, and so on)  invented – after which promoted – the idea of “conspiracy theorists”. After the JFK assassination. Such whistle-blowing patriots had uncovered the censored-out details that would have proved in a unbiased courtroom of regulation that there was no proof for the CIA’s provably false “single shooter” concept (aka “non-conspiracy principle”).

”Scientists” that Work in the Tobacco Business, the Oil Business, the Mining Business and the Vaccine Business NOT Unbiased Scientists and Subsequently Can’t be Trusted

A further obvious trolling operation that must be mentioned was how the multibillion-dollar tobacco industry (with its many corrupted PhD “scientists” offering  “proof” that delayed necessary motion by public health authorities as they tried to show smoking as the apparent cause and impact connection between cigarettes and lung illnesses – including six kinds of most cancers. Properly-hidden, paid tobacco industry trolls did their nefarious part in adversely influencing legislators and the main media as nicely.

So, in a mess of the way, firms affect and control what’s heard on the radio, what’s seen on the television, what journalists are allowed to report, who is allowed to be interviewed and subsequently, not directly, what points get mentioned by the often simply propagandized shoppers of that info.

Firms and their well-trained lobbyists even have critical influence over legislators, their political campaigns and subsequently what laws get written and what legal guidelines get enforced (and, one supposes, what nations get profitably invaded by the US army).

However the matter of this essay is about how vaccine firms (and the wealthy investor courses that the firms serve) have turn out to be main disinformation brokers in all points (particularly drugs) which will decide how worthwhile their investments will transform sooner or later.

Within the case of addictive, suicidality-inducing and homicidality-inducing prescription psychiatric and opioid medicine, the outlook for future dramatic progress appears dismal. So Massive Pharma has devoted its efforts to maintain inventory prices and profitability excessive by focusing on high-priced, enforced vaccines that their vaccinology-illiterate lobbyists can simply promote to naïve, equally vaccinology-illiterate legislators and fogeys.

Ever since 1986 it has been towards the regulation in America to sue both vaccine manufacturers or their vaccine-prescribing physicians or clinics when deaths or acute or persistent sicknesses happen due to the potentially-deadly vaccines.  It was in that yr that the corporate-friendly Reagan administration, its drug industry-friendly FDA administrator and the drug industry-friendly US Senate and House handed the tragic Nationwide Childhood Vaccine Damage Act of 1986 (NCVIA).

By the early 1990s the incidence of many various vaccine-related sicknesses and deaths sky-rocketed, most prominently revealed by the tragic testimony from mother and father about their vaccine-induced, neurological injury to their youngsters, a high proportion of which certified for the previously exceedingly rare autism spectrum dysfunction. Read concerning the NCVIA Huge Pharma Gold Mine right here.

Wall Road knows that if even a fraction of the 270 new vaccines which might be in the vaccine pipeline get hold of FDA approval in America, Huge Pharma buyers might be rewarded with growing shareholder value and regular dividends. But every of those new vaccines will include multiple probably poisonous artificial ingredient that may by no means have been examined in combination with some other vaccine. Subsequently, every potentially-brain-damaging, autoimmunity-inducing opposed effect won’t be recognized till it’s too late to take it off the market (which all the general public relations people and their corporate-influenced trolls will certainly delay).

So, until the focused inhabitants wakes up and objects quickly, “vaccine-illiterate” Wall Road/Massive Pharma CEOs, by way of their “vaccine-illiterate” sales employees and their “vaccine-illiterate” lobbyists at each capital in America, with the naïve assist of the hundreds of “vaccine-illiterate” journalists, all of whom assist to affect “vaccine-illiterate” physicians, “vaccine-illiterate patients” and “vaccine-illiterate” legislators in Congress to push ahead with the industry’s highly-profitable over-vaccination agendas. Look once more at the chart above.

The choices about which of the 270+ new vaccines shall be forcibly injected into infants and youngsters (and adults) on the many “vaccine-illiterate” clinics and “vaccine-illiterate” hospitals will probably be made, not on the poll bins however behind highly-secretive company boardroom walls by profit-minded CEOs and his/her governing boards that act like sociopathic entities with regards to income.

The choices about which “vaccine hesitancy offenses” and “over-vaccination refusers” will probably be punished might be made by “vaccinology-illiterate” legislators like Richard Pan, Adam Schiff, and Mitch McConnell and mayors like Invoice DeBlasio and governors like Andrew Cuomo and Jerry Brown.

Everyone, not simply our weak infants, is in peril of being over-vaccinated by wealthy power-mongers who use propaganda and disinformation to push their agendas – on the expense of innocent infants and youngsters and their obedient, “vaccinology-illiterate” mother and father who have been indoctrinated to trust their alleged leaders in government, commerce, drugs and the media.

Some consciousness-raising is so as, however it should solely occur if good individuals stop trusting the untrustworthy ones who’re in the recreation for the love of cash or in defense of their careers.

There’s a surge of anti-intellectualism and anti-science belief methods in the USA.

Individuals just like the president of america, who’s ignorant about local weather science are ridiculing altruistic climate scientists who know what they are speaking about.

Revered, unbiased scientists (those that are usually not within the again pockets of the fossil gasoline and coal industries) are being ridiculed for fulfilling their moral obligation to warn the remainder of us concerning the taboo subject of climate change.

Respected, unbiased scientists are additionally being ridiculed once they attempt to explain the dynamics of the epidemic of acute and continual neurological and persistent autoimmune issues in our over-vaccinated, disabled infants and youngsters.

There are far too many unholy alliances between medical professionals and profiteering corporate elites which were doing a number of injury to America’s youngsters, to whom physicians as soon as pledged to “first do no harm.”

One of the widespread denominators within the current completely preventable crisis is the massive variety of “vaccinology-illiterate” entities which are “criticizing what they don’t perceive”.

Dylan’s powerful poetic truism mentioned at the prime of this essay must be adopted by all good individuals. To remind readers of its energy, right here is the fourth verse of that track:

“Come moms and dads
Throughout the land
And don’t criticize
What you possibly can’t perceive.
Your sons and your daughters
Are past your command;
Your previous street is rapidly growing older
Please get out of the brand new one in the event you can’t lend your hand
For the occasions they are a-changing.

Dylan additionally had some necessary phrases for the profiteering elites discussed above in his 1985 music “When the Night time Comes Falling from the Sky”:

He wrote: “I saw hundreds who might have overcome the darkness, however for the love of a lousy buck I watched them die”.