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What We Know Versus What We Suspect, Part II

What We Know Versus What We Suspect, Part II

Over the past a number of years, a LOT has leaked into the general public area about political corruption, felony conspiracies, pay-for-play, and other crimes among the many US political class. We know what we know and may only speculate about that which we don’t know – and which can be purposely hidden from us by the Deep State and the legacy media. The aim of this collection is to look at what’s already in the public domain on several scandals/crimes and then make some informed guesses as to what ELSE is hiding beneath. Part I mentioned the shenanigans and cover-ups surrounding the Home IT server scandal and FISA abuse in the course of the Obama regime.

Our subsequent matter is Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server investigation. She was an Unique Classification Authority as the Secretary of State. An Unique Classification Authority is a authorities one that has authorization to categorise newly developed info as much as Prime Secret degree. To be an OCA, one has to know what makes info categorized in the first place (she knows). On 22 January 2009, Hillary signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, or NDA, where she agreed to guard extremely categorised info. This doc clearly states that a failure to do so might end in legal prosecution. Briefly, she clearly understood what constituted categorized info, in addition to her personal obligations for properly defending that info and the penalties for mishandling it.

There isn’t any question in any respect that Hillary’s e mail server contained unauthorized extremely categorised info. Indeed, the Intelligence Group’s Inspector Common himself said that there were 7 e mail chains found in 22 documents that contained TOP SECRET info. (Clinton campaign deliberate to fireside me over e mail probe) Keep in mind that these have been culled from the 30,000 emails she turned over to the FBI after her aides spent days scrubbing them beforehand. Briefly, these 22 documents slipped via their cover-up attempts. And there were many extra emails and paperwork discovered at decrease levels of classification within the 30,000 released emails. She clearly violated Title 18 USC – Espionage, the penalty for which includes a $10,000 effective for EACH offense and up to life imprisonment without parole. In my estimation, this clearly qualified her as a “domestic enemy”! And she or he and her staffers who have been involved with that e-mail server violated Sections 793, 794, 790, and 952 of Title 18 USC, Section 783(b) of Title 60 USC, and EO 12356. That she they usually remain free and have not been indicted yet is a travesty of justice.

We completely KNOW that the “Mid-Yr Exam (MYE)” (the FBI’s ridiculous code identify for that false investigation of her e mail server) was a political farce that was meant to convey to the unsuspecting public that a “critical” investigation was carried out by the FBI, however no felonious proof was produced warranting her prosecution. We KNOW from the Strzok-Page texts that the politically-biased fix was in. We KNOW that former FBI Director Comey exceeded FBI tips and his authority by “exonerating” Hillary and whitewashing her many felonies.

The FBI investigates and makes referrals for prosecution to the DoJ, and the DoJ makes the willpower whether to prosecute based mostly on the proof introduced by the FBI. As summarized above, the felonies committed have been many, egregious, and plain. But no referrals have been made by FBI Director Comey to DoJ, and no prosecutions have been carried out. However once again, that is simply what we know based mostly on publicly-available info. Luckily, more has been leaking out concerning the categorised info on that server over the past a number of months. Here is some informed hypothesis about what has been hidden thus far:

  1. Your complete MYE was a hoax perpetrated on the American public. All these FBI and DoJ personnel concerned are responsible of conspiracy, misprision, and obstruction of justice. Some are responsible of witness-tampering. And these crimes are on prime of the felonies dedicated by those who truly mishandled the categorised info, together with State Department personnel, Hillary’s quick employees, and Hillary herself!
  2. Categorised emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop have been purposely excluded from consideration in the follow-up to the MYE when those emails have been later disclosed. Extra conspiracy, misprision and obstruction of justice!
  3. What was in these lacking emails (that Hillary purposely destroyed in another obstruction of justice motion)? For starters, we all know that the Chinese language and Iranians rolled up US covert operatives at the very least partly based mostly on the categorized info they obtained from Hillary’s server. Right here is one pertinent article to learn.
  4. We will additionally fairly speculate that lots of those emails mentioned pay-for-play actions, e.g., Uranium One and in addition promoting of highly categorised US know-how [Special Access Program (SAP)-level advanced technology].
  5. Different cabinet-level officials in the Obama regime have been possible not solely aware of her e-mail server but have been virtually definitely members in pay-for-play and different corrupt activities. We know for sure that Obama himself knew about that server, as noted under:

“President Barack Obama lied to the American individuals when he claimed he solely discovered of Hillary Clinton’s use of an unauthorized, non-secure, non-governmental e-mail server while she was Secretary of State. “FBI analysts and Prosecutor 2 advised us that former President Barack Obama was one of many 13 individuals with whom Clinton had direct contact utilizing her account,” the report says in a footnote on page 89. “Obama, like other excessive degree authorities officials, used a pseudonym for his username on his official government e-mail account.” You possibly can read the remaining right here.

  1. Have been you capable of connect all the dots right here? Hillary destroyed over 30,000 of her emails. The FBI solely examined these she offered to them. Obama and “13 different individuals” communicated together with her by way of that server. What would have been disclosed in these missing emails? What number of other “individuals” would we find out about now who have been equally guilty of mishandling categorised info (and certain unlawful pay-for-play actions and other crimes)?
  2. Furthermore, why has NOTHING been finished to comply with up and prosecute Obama and people “13 people”? That facet has been dropped down the reminiscence gap and willfully coated up by our worthless legacy media – who’re in reality Obama’s hand-maidens.
  3. Whereas there’s supposedly an ongoing “re-investigation” of Hillary’s e mail server, what’s the chance that each one of these crimes will truly be uncovered, provided that they go to the very best ranges of the Obama administration – including Obama himself? We will see when DOJ Inspector Basic Michael Horowitz completes his investigation.

The subsequent matter on the record is the illegal unmasking of American citizens by the Obama regime. Unmasking could be outlined as the unauthorized disclosure of the id of American citizens for politically motivated functions. Right here is an summary that examines a number of the illegal unmasking achieved by the Obama regime:

“[F]ormer Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power made numerous requests looking for the “unmasking” (or unredacted identification) of names and different information about members of the Trump marketing campaign group whose communications had been by the way caught up in intelligence surveillance efforts. Power’s requests, reported to quantity within the lots of, occurred principally in the remaining days of the Obama Administration, that’s between the election of President Trump in November 2016 and his inauguration in January 2017.

What the media has not reported, however the ACLJ has since found by means of one in every of our FOIA lawsuits, is that the clear political—and private—bias of Energy towards the incoming President and the conservative agenda led her to undertake efforts aimed toward undercutting help for the brand new Administration.

Let that sink in: the identical top-level Obama Administration official reported to have made some 260 unmasking requests in search of surveillance information about the incoming President and his campaign staff was concurrently engaged in communications by which she consoled others over the election outcomes, blatantly insulted the President-elect, colluded with the mainstream media, and actively sought out methods to undermine the new Administration before it had even begun.”

The rest of the article supplies some VERY damning particulars concerning the conspiracy to unmask People.

Where has the investigation into the illegal masking gone? Down the rabbit-hole insofar as we know. Right here is a few informed hypothesis on the topic:

  1. For starters, Samantha Energy wasn’t the one Obama regime denizen who was involved in unmasking Americans. We all know for a undeniable fact that the serial liar Susan Rice (Obama’s Nationwide Safety Advisor on the time) was a prepared participant in unmaskings, too – and lied about it! 
  2. I’m satisfied that the Obama White House political operation was involved up to their collective eyeballs within the politically motived unmaskings. That is the sort of political actions during which Obama himself can be involved – if in a roundabout way, then in common status briefings.
  3. Who’re the doubtless suspects within the WH political operation? Begin with the slippery Valerie Jarrett (Obama’s “gatekeeper” who was briefed on EVERYTHING during Obama’s presidency) and transfer on to the likes of Jim Messina, John Podesta, David Axelrod, Ben Rhodes, and Alyssa Mastromonaco.
  4. The unmaskings have been unprecedented in scope, quantity, and period. They have been definitely well-orchestrated and coordinated in line with a intelligent plan to avoid inadvertent disclosure across multiple cabinet businesses within the Obama regime.
  5. The UN ambassador’s office, the Secretary of State’s workplace, and the White House employees have been definitely involved. The probability that Obama himself was involved is excessive (he was virtually definitely aware of the activity).
  6. The complete disclosure of the Obama regime’s unmaskings has probably been prevented by “government privilege.” We might never know the complete extent until the FBI and DoJ start enjoying hardball in an actual investigation of the illegalities. It’s pretty far down the listing of priorities.

There’s nonetheless more to return about what we all know versus what we suspect, people. I’m going to pause right here and present knowledgeable hypothesis exposing the hidden part of extra political/legal icebergs in Half III of this collection. Keep tuned!  Image: Matt McClain, Submit

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