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What’s the Best Eyelash Glue? A Definitive Guide to Lash Glues for Every Need

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It is a fact universally acknowledged that a lash lover in possession of excellent sense have to be in want of the perfect eyelash glue. 

Sorry to butcher Jane Austen like that but every pretend lash fanatic is aware of exactly what we’re speaking about. Perhaps as a beginner, you didn’t pay a lot consideration to eyelash glue but you quickly discovered that was a dire mistake. ​

You see, the eyelash glue you select will decide your falsies fate. The glue may be the make it or break it point of whether you will keep on fortunately or throw in the metaphorical towel.

Sure, my dears. Your expertise of sporting false eyelashes will change dramatically based mostly on the kind of lash glue you employ, and we’re not just talking about not using the one that provides you a rash. 

Which brings us to the last word query of…what precisely is the most effective eyelash glue? And what features do you have to be in search of to decide on the most effective one for you?

Properly, that’s a difficult query to answer, as a result of a) there isn’t only one, and b) we all look for various things in a product like this. So let’s get to the nitty gritty of all this lash glue enterprise. 

When looking for, or applying pretend eyelashes, too many ladies focus all of their attention on the lashes, and not enough attention on the glue they are using. Massive mistake.

Because for most of us, not just any previous lash glue will do, and especially not the tiny little tubes of mystery glue that include the eyelash packet. 

The eyelash glue you employ could make the difference between flawless software and searching such as you’ve applied your makeup and not using a mirror. Ooops!

There are actually plenty of totally different points to be aware of on the subject of selecting one of the best lash glue, and ignoring these might imply that you’re not getting the anyplace near the sort of results you will get together with your lash software. 

And never getting good outcomes is simply the tip of the iceberg. Numerous mishaps can occur just by using the flawed lash glue. 

Like what, you ask, what sort of points can you face by not selecting the best lash glue for you?

Okay, so let’s say you weren’t paying any attention and you just picked up some random lash glue that was on sale and thought “Close enough!”. What are the issues you might experience because you are utilizing a product that is lower than excellent?

  • It will not be robust sufficient or final long enough, resulting in your lashes coming off at the corners halfway by means of. We’ve all had our justifiable share of these unfortunate experiences.
  • It is probably not the appropriate product for the kind of lashes you’re using – strip lashes, individual lashes and lash extensions all have several types of glue and mixing or swapping them can create hassle, especially the skilled one for extensions.
  • It might be the fallacious shade for the look you are attempting to create – in case you are sporting lashes on bare lids, the black one might be rather more obvious than a clear glue you may need chosen as an alternative.
  • You’ll be able to have an allergic response or irritate your eyes, due to components like formaldehyde or latex.
  • You may discover it’s been tested on animals, if you only use organic, cruelty-free merchandise.

As you possibly can see, the fallacious selection can result in a collection of mishaps. So let’s keep away from all that, we could?

This is a guide to the perfect eyelash glue decisions for every lash want there’s!

Your preferrred lash glue is dependent upon a number of various factors: whether or not you favor something natural/latex free/paraben free, whether or not you need it to be clear or black, if you’d like it to be waterproof or washable, in case your eyes are sensitive, in case you’re utilizing particular person lashes or strip lashes, and even eyelash extensions.

Each considered one of these wants requires a special type of product, so here’s a useful information to discovering one of the best eyelash glue for each want. 

The Greatest Black Eyelash Glue

What is black eyelash glue?

​This is the type of eyelash glue that dries black, and it’s most popular by individuals who wish to disguise the lashes in addition to attainable. They’re often paired with black eyeliner or loads of mascara, for a seamless look. 

Particularly for those who tightline (apply eyeliner on the higher waterline and in between your lashes), your look shall be good. 


Gives a seamless look with eyeliner types and for individuals with darkish lashes.

Can use as an alternative of eyeliner – a two for one product. 


Errors and over-application are far more apparent than with clear glue.

Plus, it’s not one of the best for software on bare skin, especially with blonde lashes.

What to look for in a black eyelash glue?

You need to search for a glue that dries as dark as attainable, and preferably, matte. If the glue dries shiny or glossy, that’s going to offer your secret away and wreck the phantasm.

Avoid glues that say which might be black, but dry right down to a dark grey, that simply finally ends up wanting sloppy. 

What’s the perfect black eyelash glue?

best lash glue
best eyelash adhesive

Tremendous Robust Maintain Eyelash Adhesive, $10.50

There are tons of decisions out there however our present favourite is i-Envy’s Super Robust Maintain Eyelash Adhesive. The hold is admittedly robust – undoubtedly robust enough to last all day – and the product simply double as a flawless eyeliner. 

The Greatest Clear Eyelash Glue

best clear eyelash glue

What is obvious eyelash glue?

Like it says in the title, clear lash glue is just eyelash glue that dries down clear. Most varieties of lash glue begin out white whenever you squeeze them out of the tube, whereas they get cheesy, and once you apply them to the lash.

After some time, although, the glue should start going clear because it dries, hopefully hiding any mistakes you may need made throughout software. This is particularly good for learners.

What to search for in a transparent eyelash glue?

​You need a glue that has a fast drying time, as a result of no one needs to be sitting there waving the lashes around for hours till they get tacky and then examine their eyes every two minutes till the lash glue turns into unnoticeable.

Just like the black one, try to find out that isn’t overly shiny. And naturally, an excellent clear eyelash glue ought to go on clear – there are ones that dry to a slightly white and even blue and people aren’t so forgiving of mistakes.


Not as messy if you apply an excessive amount of glue or if you don’t get it fairly proper.


Tends to be shinier and it will possibly disrupt a look more in comparison with the black glue.

What’s the perfect clear eyelash glue?

best lash glue

MUSELASH Eyelash Adhesive, $4.99

There are numerous lash glues that promise to dry clear however do not grow to be completely clear. Not so with the Muselash Eyelash Adhesive. These things dries in 30 seconds and it dries to a perfect, see-through, invisible clear. Plus, it is acquired a critical hold that may last you all day. 

The Greatest Waterproof Eyelash Glue

​Waterproof eyelash glue is glue that doesn’t come off as simply, and is for these ladies who need their makeup look to be nicely and really bulletproof. 

Maybe you are expecting rain, sweat, or perhaps a dive within the pool. Hey, perhaps you’re getting married and tend to get emotional – both means, you possibly can relaxation assured that you simply gained’t lose your lashes halfway via. 

What to look for in a water-proof eyelash glue?

​Clearly, what’s really necessary here is staying power. This thing higher be like cement, so something that’s extra-strength is nice. You’ll additionally need to try the components and keep away from latex as a lot as potential.


You don’t have to fret about dropping your eyelashes, not even in water.


It can be a bit troublesome to remove and it often incorporates latex.

What’s one of the best waterproof eyelash glue?

best eyelash glue

KISS i Envy Eyelash Adhesive Super Robust Hold, $four.99

This Tremendous Robust Maintain lash glue is not messing round – this water and sweat proof eyelash glue goes on clear, dries shortly and then stays on no matter what type of day you’re having. 

The Greatest Pure Eyelash Glue

best eyelash glue

What is natural eyelash glue?

​There’s been an actual push in the direction of increasingly more pure merchandise recently, particularly ones that we put close to our eyes. Pure eyelash glue is feasible and it’s on the market available on the market, you simply have to seek out it!

They’re latex-free, paraben-free, formaldehyde-free, and often scent-free and vegan, so there are minimal irritants to worry about. 

What to search for in a natural eyelash glue?

​As we talked about, if it says “latex-free”, “formaldehyde-free”, and so on. that’s an excellent signal. If it’s labelled “natural”, that can be good, however it can be misleading, so double-check the elements. Presently, probably the most well-known such glue is produced by True Glue.


It doesn’t irritate your eyes, there are not any yucky components, and it’s hopefully cruelty-free.


Sadly, pure lash glue can nonetheless be troublesome to seek out, however hopefully, that is altering.

What’s the most effective natural eyelash glue?

best lash glue

Lash XO Eyelash Adhesive, $12.99

This is in all probability our favourite natural lash glue available on the market in the intervening time. It’s a newcomer however already prime of its recreation with its latex-free, formaldehyde-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and even cruelty-free vegan method. 

It additionally has Vitamin E added to the method to help maintain your lash line nourished – a particular plus! And in case you’re considering the worth tag is a bit high, needless to say this comes with 2 tubes. 

The Greatest Eyelash Glue For Sensitive Eyes

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What is lash glue for delicate eyes?

​In case you have delicate eyes, you’re not wondering about it – you recognize. Most issues – particularly scented products – irritate, itch, sting, or otherwise harm your eyes and make them purple and indignant. It might be synthetic scent or different elements – latex and formaldehyde, anyone?

That is especially a problem with eyelash extension glues (notably the tremendous robust ones) because they provide off robust fumes that irritate your eyes massive time. That’s why you need a milder eyelash glue that’s especially formulated for delicate eyes.

What to search for in a lash glue for delicate eyes?

​Anything labelled “delicate” should hopefully be protected for you, but you could verify the components, both method. The natural glue we talked about earlier would truly be great for delicate eyes, as a result of there are minimal irritants. 


It doesn’t harm your eyes, in order that they’re not itchy, purple, and swollen, yay!


It can be exhausting to seek out, and plus, it can be much less effective than its non-sensitive counterpart: what makes it delicate is that it has much less of the lively elements that makes it sticky, but in addition provides off these irritating fumes.

What’s the most effective lash glue for delicate eyes?

best eyelash glue

Cardani Safe Maintain, $6.99

Should you’re eyes appear to be irritated regardless of how mild of an eyelash glue you employ – you might want to attempt Cardani Safe Maintain. This gluten-free, sulfate-free, BPA-free, formaldehyde-free, latex-free components is palms down the perfect lash glue for sensitive eyes you will discover. 

Even higher? It is also cruelty-free and vegan. Plus, it lives as much as its promises to securely maintain these lashes in place all day (and even via the night time if want be)!

The Greatest Eyelash Glue For Individual Lashes

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What is individual eyelash glue?

​While individual lashes are bought proper subsequent to strip lashes and also you’d assume they’re type of the same, they’re not, really. You see, cluster lashes like this require a stronger glue than strips, which lasts longer.

Strip lashes are made to be worn for a number of hours after which taken off at the finish of the night time, however particular person lashes are placed on with semi-permanent glue, which is made to final for a number of days. 

What to search for in a particular person lash glue?

You’ll need to search for a glue that’s especially formulated for particular person lashes – and that always means a stronger bonding glue, which suggests you will do greatest with semi-permanent choices.

When you can put them on with regular lash glue, they gained’t look nearly as good or last as nicely, as a result of they’re not likely meant to be used that method. 

The downside to using semi-permanent, stronger glue is that it may be tougher to take off so you’ll be able to’t just pull the pretend lashes off your lash line like you’ll be able to with strip lashes. Properly, you possibly can however you’d end up dropping some of your natural lashes along with them.

That is why once you opt for individual lashes, we strongly advocate you additionally get yourself a lash glue remover so you possibly can safely take away the glue when it is time.


The semi-permanent glue permits the individual lashes to last more on the eyes, giving a fluttery look for several days.


Particular person lash glue is much less widespread than common lash glue, so it may be harder to seek out, and the choice is less assorted.

What’s the perfect individual lash glue?

best individual lash glue

DUO Individual Lash Adhesive Eyelash Glue, $6.99

DUO guidelines the lash glue market in lots of classes and while we’re not the hugest fan of all their glues, relating to the perfect individual lash glue, they’re palms down the perfect. 

Their individual lash adhesive is good and darkish so your individual lashes blend flawlessly with your personal they usually final all day – even days if need be. 

The Greatest Eyelash Extension Glue

eyelash extensions pros and cons

What’s eyelash extension glue?

​Now, lash extension glue is an entire totally different ball recreation. You see, it’s totally different than regular lash glue and the 2 cannot be swapped.

Eyelash extension glue is far stronger and permanent. It lasts the complete four weeks it takes for the pure lashes to fall out (and even longer). It also accommodates much stronger components, so it may be more irritating for the eyes than regular false lash glue is.

Eyelash extension glue should solely ever be utilized by educated, skilled eyelash technicians, and it should not be used at house beneath any circumstances, not even on skilled extensions. 

What to look for in an eyelash extension glue?

​For knowledgeable technician, you need to search for a kind of glue that has a setting time applicable in your expertise and velocity – fast setting should you work quick and a slower drying time when you’re a newbie and apply the lashes more slowly.

In addition, it is going to ideally be a glue that has staying power, but the fumes are less intense than they’re with typical glues.


They’re robust, long-lasting, everlasting glues which might be capable of sustain Basic and Quantity extension types for 4 to six weeks.


The fumes on the robust glues may be fairly irritating for the eyes, and the glue that you must use differs based mostly on the varying talent degree of the technician.

What’s one of the best lash extension glue?

best eyelash extension glue

Revelation Signature Eyelash Extension Glue, $6.99

When you’ve been doing skilled lash extensions for any period of time, you’ve got in all probability been via quite a few glues all claiming to be the perfect lash extension glue. And you are still looking.

Nicely, your hunt simply is perhaps over. Revelation’s Signature Eyelash Extension Glue dries quick and stays on darn properly, making this the right lash extension glue when you’re on the lookout for something that retains retention charges high. 

The one downside is that this is not a low fume glue however the plus aspect is that whereas it holds individual lashes in place like a dream, it additionally does not injury the pure lashes. 

The Greatest General Eyelash Glue For Falsies

As you possibly can see, there’s way more to lash glue than you thought. There are issues to look out for, relying on your needs and preferences. 

But what for those who actually need some simplicity on this complicated world we reside in and also you’re asking – what is the greatest general lash glue you should use for falsies?

And you imply the most effective of the most effective – the eyelash glue to end all eyelash glues.

As you’ll be able to see from above, we don’t consider there’s one “greatest” eyelash glue and only the most effective glue for YOU, but when we have been exiled to a desert island and only allowed to take one eyelash glue for falsies – there is a sure one we might select.

We might select an eyelash glue that encompasses all probably the most fascinating qualities an eyelash glue should have: long-lasting, non-irritating, and hopefully missing in formaldehyde, in probably the most versatile shade, which for us is obvious. 

As well as, we might also go for one that is brush-on, because it’s much easier to use and you may control the amount higher than you possibly can if you squeeze it immediately out of the tube.

So which eyelash glue would that be? Women (and gentleman), the perfect eyelash glue for falsies that we would decide is Cardani’s Secure Maintain. 

best eyelash glue

Positive, there are a number of lash glue choices on the market however you’d have problem discovering one that’s better formulated, better high quality, missing in any undesirable components and stays on all day (and night time). If you need to decide just one – let this be it!